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Thursday, August 27, 2015

Life in Kuttanad

Kuttanad is the land of backwaters and paddy fields. Situated in the district of Allepey, its the most picturesque place in Kerala, Travelled through the inland waters for about 4-5 hours and captured these still for you
Materials including building materials are transported in small boats called "vanchis" 

Just like we do have motorbikes and cars, they have small boats called "vallams" for their transport needs 

Even the older generation uses boats docked in the riverside as a place for chit-chat 

 Roads and pavements are so close to water, sometime its scary

A vanchi carrying sand for construction ready to be transported 

People may use the same vanchis for transporting goods and for travel 

piggybacking is also common 

An old man who does door to door marketing 

A boat parked in front of a church 

 Children have nice time fishing on the wayside

Politicians lobbying in the boat station too 

 Crossing from this shore to the other

 Transporting hay to the market

A super express boat service  

 Hang out 

In search of solitude